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Quick start guide

Find the base URL for a register

Find the base URL for a register on its API inspector. For example, the API inspector for the local-authority-eng register is located at

The following are some examples of base URLs:

Register ID Base URL

Append the current version of the API

The current version of the API is v1.

You should add the version of the API you want to use to the end of the base URL. This step is optional for version 1 of the API and will become required when version 1 is no longer supported.

For example, the full base URL for v1 of the local-authority-eng register is

See version history for the full list of versions.

Choose an endpoint

You can use endpoints as described in the API reference section.

Choose a response format

Choose a response format by adding the appropriate suffix to the request URL:

Format Suffix Media type
JSON .json application/json
CSV .csv text/csv

For example:


You can also specify a format by making a request with the Accept header. For example:

curl --header 'Accept: application/json'


To paginate you should always rely on the Link header.